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Water Heater Repair in Brooklyn NY

Water Heater Repair in Brooklyn NY

Do You Need a Plumber for Water Heater Repair in Brooklyn?

water_heater_repair_replacementVigilante serves Brooklyn and the surrounding areas by providing water heater repair services. Our skilled plumbers always arrive quickly and diagnose problems properly. It’s our goal to have your hot water back and running as quickly as possible. We’ve found that many Brooklyn residents have problems with hot water running out quickly or not being warm enough. This can often times be due to a defective heating element. We recently had a customer with this type of problem. Our plumber found the elements that had burned out, drained the tank, and replaced all of the elements and thermostats. After a job well done, the hot water flowed as if it was from a brand new water heater.

Elements are only used by electric hot water heaters. They install on the side of the tank and make direct contact with the water. The following are all reasons why an element might fail:

  • Mineral deposits in water can build up and cause an element to fail
  • Air pockets can cause the element to burn out
  • A power surge can cause a voltage increase that burns the element out
  • A poor wire connection can cause the element to stop working
  • The thermostat setting might not be on

If You Need Water Heater Repair in Brooklyn, Call Vigilante Today

Whatever the reason may be, our water heater repair team can fix it. We have the experience and skills needed to properly diagnose and quickly fix problems. Our plumbers are properly trained, certified, and insured. We pride ourselves in our professional service and customer satisfaction. Not having hot water on a cold Brooklyn day or night can be an unpleasant experience that we don’t want you to have. Should you need us, we will be there for you. We’re always available and eager to help.

So call us today to schedule your hot water heater estimate! (718) 530-0404