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Information on NYC Local Law 152

Information on NYC Local Law 152

As of January 1st, 2020, NYC requires almost all buildings except 1 and 2 family homes to have their Gas Piping Systems inspected. This needs to be done at least every four years. Many buildings have not met the city’s inspection criteria and may be subject to a fine

Our Master Plumbers can service each district of Brooklyn and advise on Local Law 152 Requirements. Please click here or call the Vigilante Plumbing office at (718) 530-0404 for a FREE review of your property’s status. We will check with the Department of City planning and let you know if your Brooklyn property is listed as requiring an inspection.

How Much is the Local Law 152 Fine Amount?

If your building piping system has not been officially inspected fines can be as high as $10,000. The inspection must be done by a Licensed Master Plumber.

What Gas Piping Needs to Be Inspected?

Local Law 152 inspections are designed to ensure the safety of multifamily properties as well as commercial and industrial buildings. Any exposed gas piping throughout the property requires inspection. Both interior and exterior gas piping systems are covered under Local Law 152. This includes boiler rooms, mechanical rooms, pool filtration rooms, parking garages, as well as any exposed piping in residential dwellings or common areas. If gas piping is exposed it needs to be inspected by the Licensed Master Plumber. The same is true for all exterior gas piping systems from the rooftops, to outdoor service areas, and public spaces owned by the property.

How to Properly File Local law 152?

Your Licensed Master Plumber should be well versed in all forms, permits, and filing requirements. A GPS2 submission is to be completed by th

e Building Owner on the NYC Department of Buildings GPS2 submission portal. It is FREE to file. No login will be required and the Department of Building states that the law and rule are that the property owner must submit the GPS2 form. This form will be filled out by your Licensed Master Plumber.

What is the reason for Local law 152?

Improper gas connections and other gas piping that does not meet the code can be dangerous and even deadly. LL152 was created to protect the people of Brooklyn as well as all NYC residents from accidents that can result from illegal connections and other conditions that don’t meet codes. The requirement of a formal inspection done every 4 years keeps the building in compliance with the law and most importantly keeps everyone safe.

Who is excluded from Local Law 152 inspections?

If you have R 3 occupancy in Brooklyn and NYC you are excluded. A Local Plumber that specializes in your area can advise you if you are

not sure about your status. Primarily 1 and 2-Family homes are excluded. Also excluded are group homes (occupancy classification R-3): Buildings with no more than two dwelling units, convents, and monasteries with fewer than 20 occupants, and group home community facilities in 1 or 2-family buildings. Brooklyn is full of townhouses and a variety of structures that have changed in their primary usage and the number of occupants. Most Licensed Master Plumbers will review your unique situation for FREE and advise you accordingly.

Deadline of Local law 152 inspections.

Your deadline to get inspected is December 31st. If you have a property in Brooklyn or throughout other parts of NYC and are not scheduled for inspection of the gas piping systems except for one- and two-family homes, and other buildings classified in occupancy group R-3, you will be at risk of a fine up to $10,000.

To determine if your Brooklyn Property will require inspection call our Brooklyn office and a licensed plumber will check with the Department of City Planning. We will do a FREE search of your building’s address, check your occupancy rating, and advise if you are in need of inspection, and of your current inspection status.

NYC Local Law 152

Once you know the applicable inspection deadline and requirements for your property we can help you with the next steps in regard to LL152 of 2016 Periodic Inspections of Gas Piping Systems.

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