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Information on NYC Clean Heat Rebate

Information on NYS Clean Heat Program

NYS Clean Heat Rebate Program

Recently NYS created a rebate program to help residential homes and commercial buildings switch to cleaner more environmentally friendly heating systems. It is possible to get a new Clean Heat System for FREE based on size of rebate. Rebates can make switching from an oil or gas system to an approved energy efficient heat pump system FREE. This program is statewide and INCLUDES NYS. Whether your property is in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, The Bronx, or Staten Island you would qualify. The program is open to all five Boroughs.

NYS property eligibility is approved by Con Edison. Outside of the Five Boroughs eligibility and the application approval will be overseen by the county’s local power authority.

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    What Properties in NYC Qualify for NYS Clean Heat Rebates

    Rebates are available for heating and hot water systems installed in existing buildings as well as new construction designated for year-round occupancy. Eligible building structures are defined by primary usage:

    • Residential (one to four units)
    • Multifamily (five or more units)
    • Small commercial businesses (small commercial)
    • Large commercial and industrial buildings (“C&I”).

    Requirements for Con Edison Heat Pump Rebate

    NYS Clean Heat Rebates by Con Edison encourage switching from gas AND fossil fuels to cleaner heat pump systems that will SAVE customers money. This program is designed to save customers money as well as help the environment. Equipment eligible for rebate include air-source heat pumps, heat pump water heaters and ground source heat pumps. Special projects that lead to electrification of fossil fuels will ALSO be reviewed for rebate eligibility on a case-by-case basis. To see if your property is eligible you can call Con Edison and complete a short initial application, or speak with an Energy Saving Rebate Advisor at 718 530-0404 with any questions. The service is FREE. For help in the Five Boroughs you can also email CustomerService@VigilantePlumbing.Com

    The Approval Process for Clean Heat Rebate

    To see if you qualify Free support from verification of eligibility, to system requirements consultation, to help with completing the application is available from many heating and plumbing specialists. For the NYC boroughs of Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Staten Island offers phone, webchat, and even FREE on premises support for each and every step of the process.

    What Are Steps for Clean Heat Rebate Approval

    Step 1. Verify Eligibility
    Step 2. Application Process, Form Completion & Submission to
    Step 3. Initial Technical Review by Con Edison
    Step 4. Pre-Inspection by Con Edison with building Representative (owner or contractor)
    Step 5. Issue Preliminary Incentive Letter or Notice to Proceed
    Step 6. Install Heat Pump System and Proof of Completion, Costs, and Specification Compliance
    Step 7. Post Inspection by Con Edison
    Step 8. Final Review by Con Edison of Cost Saving, Work Done, Etcetera
    Step 9. Receive Incentive Payment
    Step 10. Quality Assurance Check of Contractor’s Work by Con Edison

    For a FREE Checklist Guide on DOES MY PROPERTY QUALIFY FOR CLEAN HEAT REBATE contact CustomerService@VigilantePlumbing.Com

    Call 718 530-0404 for Questions and Answers on NYC Clean Heat Rebate Participation.