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Unlike window ACs and split ACs that only cool one room at one time, central air conditioning units dehumidifies and cools the air before it is circulated in a building. If you want to install a central AC or get an existing central AC unit repaired in Brooklyn or throughout New York City, contact Vigilante Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning.

A heating system is often bundled into central ACs. Their electrical consumption is somewhat similar and both need ductwork to move the air through the vents. You will often find central air conditioners in large buildings with huge cooling needs or in homes located in humid and hot climate. The main unit of the central air conditioner is installed outdoors because it is large and noisy.

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The efficiency of a central air conditioner is measured by SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating, while the efficiency of normal air conditioners is measured in EER only. This is where other air conditioners lose out to central ACs. SEER measures the average use of energy at various humidity levels and temperatures. EER measures the amount of energy consumed to cool a volume of air at 95 degrees, over one hour.

The minimum EER rating for a central AC is 13, while the minimum EER is much lesser for normal ACs. Central ACs can also work at many speeds while normal AC condensers only have two.

A central AC is better at dehumidifying the air than a normal AC. You can actually set the temperature a bit higher and not lose out on comfort because of the low humidity.

Central air conditioners are also unobtrusive, quiet, and once you are comfortable with a temperature, you may never have to change it.

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There are basically two types of central air conditioners – split systems and packaged units.

In split systems, the compressor and the condenser are located outdoors while the evaporator is located indoors. In the packaged type, the condenser, the evaporator, and the compressor are located in one unit placed outdoors. The type of air conditioner you select will depend on your heating or cooling needs and the efficiency of the unit. If you want help in selecting and installing a central air conditioner, contact us at 718-530-0404.