Did your HVAC professional suggest a furnace replacement for your Brooklyn home and you are weighing your options about a standard and a two stage furnace, then you are at the right place. Energy bills are of prime importance when it comes to furnace replacements and you should choose an alternative furnace in a manner that the new furnace helps you save in every possible way while keeping you and your family warm. Here are some of the top considerations you need to pay heed to before making a decision about the furnace.

Standard furnaces

A vast majority of the standard furnaces provide an efficiency of about 80 percent AFUE. This is quite low compared to what is offered by any standard two stage furnace which is often in the range of about 98.5 percent AFUE. The main reason why this happens is because of the type of burners used by the standard furnaces. When a standard furnace operates, it opens all the valves at a high and this can often lead to a loss of fuel. Making this a poor and an inefficient choice for furnace replacement.

Two stage heating furnaces

A two stage heating furnace as the name suggests uses two burners that operate at a high flame and a low flame giving a more uniform fuel consumption. The high burner turns on whenever there is a need to heat the rooms quickly and the low burner operates whenever there is a need to regulate the heat in a room. This way the heat is uniform and the fuel consumption is reduced significantly making a two-stage furnace ideal for low energy bills with a furnace replacement.