Some people think that setting up a dishwasher will be simple once they made the correct measurements before purchase. The truth is you are better off with our services for plumbing installation in Staten Island. This is the type of installation that looks easy on paper but comes with unexpected complications if you don’t have a plumbing background. Depending on the dishwasher you bought, it may be more complicated than making some connections and attaching a few hoses. Dishwashers are complex pieces of equipment, which we’ll elaborate on soon.

We recommend hiring a professional plumber, but if you do decide to install it yourself, please make sure to follow every step carefully and never attempt to cut corners. For those who attempted a dishwasher installation, but were unsuccessful, contact Vigilante Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning. Here are a few reasons why you’re better off with an experienced plumber. 

Dishwasher Installations Are Complicated

Installing a dishwasher is a very technical job. Without adequate training, it is possible for you to make several irreparable mistakes. We all know that a dishwasher is a costly investment. Therefore, you should ensure it is handled with care and preferably by someone who knows their way around this type of equipment to ensure its longevity. For over 75 years, Vigilante has been New York’s leader in plumbing & heating services. Our technicians are highly trained in all areas of plumbing and we guarantee quality work to protect your investment.

Guarantee That It Runs Properly

When you hire a professional plumber, you ensure your dishwasher will function properly, and safeguard it from future complications. The same cannot always be said when you install it yourself, because you risk doing the job incorrectly. Without the proper training, you cannot guarantee that the dishwasher will be correctly hardwired and hooked up into your home’s plumbing. As a result, you may experience:

  • Dirty dishes
  • Foul odors not caused by dirty dishwater
  • Improper drainage/water pooling
  • Leaks

These are generic problems and if you do experience one or all of them, it does not necessarily mean that the dishwasher was installed incorrectly. However, you may second guess yourself which you are less likely to do after hiring a professional. When you hire a plumber, you do not only gain peace of mind, but you guarantee the job gets done right the first time. Don’t hesitate to contact our team. We offer quality and prompt service for all five boroughs.

Avoid Costly Repairs

Many people who install their dishwasher on their own do so to avoid the cost of installation. However, you may end up doing more harm than good. If you install the dishwasher incorrectly, not only will it function ineffectively, but it could also lead to several costly repairs. For example, water pooling commonly occurs after a dishwasher was installed incorrectly. Water pooling can lead to a sink drain backup, which can cost a couple of hundred dollars. Or it can cause flooding and water damage, and as most people know, water damage repairs can easily go into the thousands.

Another common result of improper installation is long-term leaking. Like water pooling, leaks can cause water damage and potential mold growth, which will result in costly repairs. If you discover the leak quickly, you should contact Vigilante immediately and we will trace the leak back to its source. We do not recommend that you attempt this on your own, as you may not be able to determine what has caused the leak and time is of the essence.  It’s possible that the pump seal was installed incorrectly. Maybe the dishwasher drain hose is ineffective. Unless you are confident that you know the cause, do not attempt further repairs yourself. Without having a plumber’s technical background, you may run into a problem that you can’t solve.

Bottom Line

In this DIY culture, we applaud homeowners who grab their tools, roll up their sleeves and tackle common household problems. However, a dishwasher installation should never be considered “common.” It is a stressful job and a lot can go wrong along the way. To ensure your safety and the protection of your investment, contact a professional plumber.

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At Vigilante, we know a dishwasher is one of the most important pieces of equipment in a kitchen. Isn’t it worth the peace of mind knowing the installation was done correctly? For a challenging plumbing installation in Staten Island, contact Vigilante. Call (718) 530-0404 for 24/7 live service.