Living in a place like Queens, Brooklyn, or Manhattan generally means long busy days. This can disrupt home renovation and reappraisals. Problems with your furnace or boiler can be hard to assess without much experience with appliances.  A problem may be small on the surface, but it could be an indicator of a much larger issue.

The weather in Brooklyn can be erratic to say the least. There may be problems in the furnace’s air duct or control board. You may not know the scope of the problem until it starts getting out of hand.  Most of the time, it will arise at the worst possible time, in the middle of night, during the winter. This can prove to be highly uncomfortable and even dangerous, as a family of five based in Brooklyn recently experienced.


Problem that the family in Brooklyn faced

The problem with their furnace was in the motor control board.  The motor couldn’t function properly due to a clogged air duct.  Once they reached the scene, our professionals took stock of the situation and identified the problem.  They found the blocked air duct and concluded that it was the reason behind the control board’s failure.  A thorough cleaning followed, and a technician repaired the faulty control board.

The whole repair service lasted for about three hours.  The family could have avoided such a situation if they had opted for regular checkups.  Ultimately, they ended up paying far more than what routine repairs would have cost them.

So, the next time you notice your furnace or heating unit not working properly, you should call a professional Brooklyn or Queens heating repair service immediately.  Regular checkups can help you avoid a bigger problem in the future.