“Use me well, and keep me clean. I’ll never tell what I’ve seen” you might have come across this statement written around public toilets. As hilarious as it sounds, this is what you should expect your toilet to say when it keeps clogging now and then. 

If you are annoyed with your toilet clogging almost every week, there are probably two things that you can do; 

  1. Call your plumber. 
  2. Watch your toilet habits. 

Clogged toilets are typically blamed on a kid or impetuous adult who dumps too much toilet paper in the toilet bowl while flushing. A plunger is typically used to unclog the toilet; however, there may be a larger issue to address if a toilet constantly clogs. 

Here are some top reasons why your toilet may be clogging: 

1. Flushing away Non-Flushable 

Human excrement and toilet paper are the only things that should go down your toilet. When homeowners begin flushing different forms of papers or sanitary items, the toilet continues to clog as it is not designed to dispose of these items. 

This form of persistent obstruction affects all types of houses. People are often misled about what is allowed to flush —the so-called “flushable” wipes are among the worst offenders plumbers encounter today. 

 Some people have got into the habit of dumping all bathroom waste, including cotton balls and Q-tips, down the toilet for disposal, causing the toilet to clog. Non-flushable things are a typical clog threat in houses with young children. 

2. Clogged S-Trap 

Most homeowners are aware of a sink’s P-trap, but are you aware of the trap that your toilet has?  

The toilet trap is an S form between the toilet bowl and the drain line. The goal of the toilet trap, like the P-trap in a sink, is to catch the flushed items and restrict them from traveling to the drain line and causing a clog. 

Because of its function, this is a typical attachment spot where items become stuck. Excess excrement and toilet paper, and non-flushable things can become stuck within the toilet trap after being flushed.  

When there is a substantial un-flushable mass stuck in the trap, the toilet continues to clog when flushed during regular use.  

3. Obstructed Toilet Vent 

You may not realize it, but your toilets are linked to a vent that leaves your home, usually through the roof. The toilet vent lets fresh air enter your home’s plumbing system, increasing flush pressure. 

When the toilet vent gets clogged or obstructed, the flushing pressure of the toilet decreases. The toilet clogs more often with low pressure, and clogging becomes a recurring issue. Other household difficulties caused by a clogged toilet vent include gurgling sounds from the toilet, poor drainage, and sewage smell within the house.  

4. Punctured Sewer Lines 

Some clogs can vacate from your toilet fittings and individual drain pipes but get stuck in your home’s main sewer system. Clogs in the sewage system cause drainage issues throughout the house and are tough to resolve on your own. 

Sewage lines can become congested owing to outside sources like sewer line breakage or infiltration, interruptions from tree roots, or other in-ground inhabitants.  

These problems cause your toilet to clog because they affect the drainage system’s ability to transfer sewage out of your house. If this condition exists, sewer line repairs are required. 

5. Excessive Use of Toilet Papers 

The excessive use of “flushable” toilet paper can be blamed for frequent toilet clogging. Too much toilet paper does not disintegrate properly, causing it to stick in the toilet or drainpipes and block it.  

Furthermore, some 2-ply toilet paper does not always degrade well, resulting in blockages.  

Therefore, next time you carelessly dump those long rolls of toilet paper in your flush, visualize the clogged mess they could build up into. 

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