Fires are something you can’t ignore, with the dangers lurking right around the corner. Nationwide a fire is reported every 93 seconds, and death occurs once every three hours. 

The best approach for surviving and protecting your property is to have adequate fire protection services. These are things you do in advance to decrease the chances of a fire and alert you if there is an issue. Here are some of the fire protection services in Staten Island that we offer to our customers to enhance safety. 

Sprinkler Systems

Sprinklers are wet-pipe systems where the sprinklers are directly connected to the water supply. The water comes out when a heat sensor triggers, and those sprinklers directly over the fire discharge the water. 

For example, a small fire breaks out in your garage, and you have these sprinklers installed. The system will trigger only those sprinklers where the fire occurs and leave the others off further away. The massive rush of water cools down the area and prevents the fire from spreading to other parts. 

These systems are excellent fire protection services in Staten Island that limit any collateral damage. 

Vigilante Plumbing specializes in fire protection, and we can install your sprinklers, perform a flow test, and ensure everything runs correctly. We know fire safety and will help you ensure that your family is safe during these events. 

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are your early warning system of a fire and let you know when there is danger. However, installing smoke detectors is not enough, and you want to ensure that everything is working correctly.  The best approach is to test the system; and batteries, and conduct routine drills of what happens during a fire. Those who know what to do in advance and are ready, have the greatest odds of safely making it out of the location. 

Vigilante Plumbing can recommend and install the smoke detectors you need to protect your home or business. We know what to do to build a system that monitors smoke and alerts you when there is danger. 

Create a Safety Plan

Creating a safety plan requires thinking ahead about what you will do during an actual fire. The best approach is to develop a series of emergency exits where everyone can leave the locations quickly. Then, you want to practice the plan every couple of months to ensure everyone knows their responsibilities and responsibilities.

For example, you go through and find the easiest points to leave your home or business. You want to lay out the plan and communicate with everyone their responsibilities during these emergencies. Finally, you practice routinely to ensure that everybody can react and maintain control during a crisis. 

Preparation is the most critical thing for any fire safety plan, and practicing the roles increases your odds of survival. 

Vigilante Plumbing can help you to create a fire safety plan for your home or business. We will make recommendations about the best avenues for exiting the building and areas of responsibility. Fire safety is something you want to take seriously, and calling in a professional to help is one of the best moves you can make. 

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers will give you peace of mind by knowing that these devices are installed strategically throughout your home or business. A professional can help you to decide the best extinguishers to buy, the placement, and train you. Preparation is the most critical thing to ensure you are ready the moment a fire starts. The faster you react, the less the chances of having the fire spread to other areas. 

For instance, a professional can help you place a fire extinguisher in your kitchen, living room, and bedroom. The training teaches you how to remove the safety pin and the best approach for spraying the fire. These professionals will follow up periodically to ensure that the extinguishers are working correctly. 

Vigilante Plumbing has 80 years of experience in working with home and business owners to address these needs. We are available 24 hours a day and will come out to your location to help you with your fire safety plan. No job is too big or small, and we are ready to serve you when you call us. 

We Are Here To Help You

These are some of the fire prevention measures you want to consider to protect your home or business. Call Vigilante Plumbing today at 718-530-0404 and take advantage of our full range of services, such as furnace repairs in Staten Island to fire safety. 

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