A leaking water-heater is one of the issues that many homeowners rarely think about. Although it may seem minor, it may cause a lot of damage. For instance, the water leaking from your water heating system may damage your walls, subfloors, and floors. Mold and mildew may grow in the flooded area. To ensure that none of these happens, you need to do the following.


Shut Down Water Supply to Your Water Heating System

Your water heating system has a cold supply line that supplies it with cold water after warm water is drawn from the tank. This supply line is usually on top of a water heating system. Some water heating system manufacturers usually paint it for easy identification.


After identifying this water supply line, look for the shut-off valve located on the line and turn it off. Turn the valve’s handle down if the shut-off valve is a ball valve. If it is a dial valve, turn the valve’s wheel clockwise until it stops turning.


If your heater does not have a shut-off valve on its cold-water supply line, look for your home’s main shut-off valve and shut it off. That will shut down the water supply to your home.


Turn off the Power Supply to Your Water Heating System

How you will turn off the power supply to your water heating system will depend on the type of water heating system that you have. If you have a gas-powered heating system, you should shut down the gas supply to your system. To shut off the gas supply to the system, look for the gas supply line. The gas supply line is located at the bottom of most heaters. After identifying the gas supply line, look for its gas control valve and turn it clockwise until it stops moving.


If you own an electric-fueled water heating system, you should turn off the electricity supply to the system. You should locate the system’s circuit breaker box and flip your heater’s circuit breaker to turn it off.


Drain Water From the Water Heating System’s Tank

After turning off the water and power supply to your water heater, you should drain water from it. Otherwise, water will continue leaking from the system and may cause flooding in your basement area. You should use a big container or hose to catch the water flowing from the tank. Once you are done draining the water, call a good plumber, and report that you have a plumbing emergency. You can get such a plumber from Vigilante Plumbing.


A leaking water heater is usually a plumbing emergency. Therefore, you should look for a plumber immediately after noticing that water is leaking from your water heating system. The plumbing technicians at Vigilante Plumbing can help you fix that problem. We offer various plumbing services, including water heating system repair, maintenance, and repair services. Our services are affordable, and we offer free estimates. Contact usto know more about our services.