A toilet flange is a pipe attachment that connects the drain pipe to the bottom of the toilet. It also uses bolts to keep the bathroom firmly in place on the floor. 

Cast iron flanges were used in the past, while current flanges are composed of PVC or ABS.  

Closet flanges are another name for toilet flanges. This is because flush toilets were once referred to as water closets. Cast iron flanges were used in the past, while current flanges are composed of PVC or ABS.  

If you want to know more about the importance of toilet flange and its functions, keep reading.  

What Are the Components of a Toilet Flange? 

The purpose of a toilet flange is to keep the toilet firmly in place on the floor. It has two slots for hooking and tightening toilet mounting blots against it with securing nuts. After being slid into the toilet drain line, toilet flanges are connected to the flooring with screws. 

A wax ring installed between the toilet flange and the bottom of the toilet provides a watertight and airtight barrier at the bottom of the bathroom, preventing flushed water and sewage gases from escaping out. If water pools around your toilet, it indicates that the wax ring isn’t locking properly. 

The toilet bolts are installed in two parallel slots on the head of the toilet flange. The bolts are inserted into two holes on either side of the toilet’s base.  

Signs That Your Toilet Flange Needs to be Replaced 

There are a few indications to judge if your toilet flange needs replacement:  

1. Damaged Toilet Flange  

Toilet leaks at the base show that the wax ring has failed to seal, but it could also signal a deeper issue, such as a damaged flange. 

2. Wobbling Toilet 

The wobbling toilet can be annoying. Loose toilet bolts, an uneven floor, or a broken flange can contribute to a wobbling toilet. The toilet’s constant swaying will eventually damage the wax ring’s seal, resulting in a leaking toilet.  

3. Broken wax ring 

A broken wax ring can also wobble the toilet. When replacing the toilet flange, it’s necessary to replace the wax rings, too.  

Sizes of Toilet Flange 

Toilet flange comes in 3 different sizes; 

1. Standard Flange OF 4 X 3 Inches 

The standard size of toilet flanges is 4 x 3 inches. The top of the flange, where the toilet sits, is 4-inches wide, while the bottom that goes into the drainpipe is 3-inches wide. 

2. The flange of 3 Inches 

The bottom and top diameters of the toilet flange in this size are both 3 inches, making it a uniform toilet flange. Flange in this size only fits a 3-inch pipe. 

3. Flanges OF 3 and 4 Inches 

The shape of this toilet flange allows it to fit within a 4-inch drainage pipe or over a 3-inch drainpipe. This means that a 4-inch pipe will have the flange inserted into it, but a 3-inch pipe will have the tube inserted into the flange. 

How to Repair a Toilet Flange at Home? 

To safely repair your flange, follow these steps: 

  • Remove any pieces of the flange that are damaged or rusted. Then, generously apply 100 % silicone sealant on top of the old flange. If there are any loose bits, they can be manually removed. 
  • If the current ring slots are still in use, replace them with new bolts. Ensure the bolts are parallel to the wall behind the toilet tank and aligned with the toilet flange opening. 
  • For proper bolt alignment, pull the repairing ring down into the target place and secure it to the sub-floor with the necessary screws and anchors. 
  • Using the supplied fasteners, secure Bolts to repair the ring. 
  • Allow time for the silicone to cure after wiping away any excess. 

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