Cold Weather and Home Insulation

Everybody wants to heat up their homes during the cold winter months, especially if they live in a colder climate. However, the expenses on energy are constantly on the rise and prevent people from warming up their homes to a comfortable temperature. This is not always necessary if you follow a few tips on insulating heat in your home, so that you and your family can stay snug and cozy even during the coldest nights.

 Insulating your Brooklyn home using energy efficient ways

Staying warm during winter is a choice that you can make without having to worry about your energy bills. It doesn’t mean you need to install solar heating systems, which are energy efficient but costly. Here are some practical and inexpensive ways to lower your energy consumption this winter without the need to turn off or replace your heating system:

  • Many people refuse to turn their furnaces on during winter to avoid running up their energy bills. What if the reason for your high energy bills is just a dirty or blocked filter in your furnace? You need to clean the filter regularly, so that air can flow freely inside the furnace and heat up your home without utilizing too much energy.
  • You can reduce the energy usage of your furnace by using a programmable thermostat, which can keep the furnace on only when it is needed the most. You can set it to a lower temperature (around 50 degrees) before you leave the house. It can be set to turn the heat up to a warmer temperature around 30 minutes before you return home. If you have to leave town for a few days, you can change the settings in a way that the furnace comes on just often enough to prevent the pipes from freezing.

These steps will help keep your Brooklyn house warm without spending too much on energy costs. You can also seal up cracks around your doors, windows, wall outlets, etc. to make sure there is no heat loss.