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Water Heater Repair Service in Brooklyn NY

Water Heater Repair Service in Brooklyn NY

Finding the Best Water Heater Repair in Brooklyn

water_heater_repair_replacementThe lack of hot water affects so many aspects of the home. Washing clothes, washing dishes, washing your hands, washing your hair — so many of our daily activities depend upon our access to hot water. Therefore, when the water heater quits working, it affects everyone and almost everything in the home. That’s why some of our customers in Brooklyn gave Vigilante a call when their water heater stopped working. After a close inspection we determined that the breaker in the panel was weak, so it was tripping every time it was reset. After our technician switched out the faulty breaker with a new one, the water heater began working great again. Our customers were impressed with the quality of our water heater repair.

How water heaters work

Water heaters work differently, depending on how many elements are present to heat the water. Dual element heaters are designed for family use. The two elements work dynamically no matter what the temperature of the water, but they never heat up at the same time. Here’s how they work:

If you’re starting with a tank of cold water, the upper heater will kick in to hear the water in the upper half of the tank. When upper tank water is hot, the thermostat at the top of the tank shuts off the upper heater and sends power to the lower thermostat and heater.

If the tank of water is already hot, and the hot water is being used, cold water comes in at the bottom of the tank simultaneously. The colder water triggers the lower thermostat and the lower heating will kick on.

Single element water heaters

If there’s only one or two people using the water heater, a single element water heater usually provides enough water. The only problem is if it’s completely depleted of hot water. If all the hot water is used, it takes the tank a long time to reheat.

If You Need Your Water Heater Repaired in Brooklyn, Call Vigilante Today

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