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The Top 10 Questions for Today’s Plumbers

Plumbing is like solving one giant puzzle and things can become complicated if you don’t know what you are doing. Before hiring any plumber we recommend asking 10 questions that will decide if they know what to do. Here are the top 10 questions you should ask today’s plumbers.

What are some of the most common tools you use?

There are standard tools that plumbers will use most often. Some of the most notable include a sink auger, flange plunger, tubing cutter, Teflon tape, and an adjustable pipe wrench.

How do you unclog a blockage in the pipe?

The first step is to try pouring hot water and drain cleaner into the pipe. If this does not work, you want to use an auger to go down into the pipe and remove the clog.

What is a building drain?

This is the lowest point in your drainage system. The pipe connects directly into the sewer system and is called the building drain.

What tools would you use to unclog a sink?

There are several tools you will use including a sink auger, cup plunger, duct tape, washcloth, a bucket, and channel pliers.

What chemical drain cleaners can you use?

The most common are oxidizing, acid drain, and caustic drain cleaners. These will remove any hair and should normally get your drain working again.

What is an angle stop?

The angle stop is the shutoff valve from the main water pipe coming into the property and the fixture. It cuts off water to a specific area when there is a leak, repair, or failure.

What is the main cause of a sump pump failure?

A sump pump removes any water that accumulates in your basement during a flood. The most common reasons that stop it from working include the buildup of debris, switching issues, and the pump moves inside the basin.

How do you fix a leaky PVC pipe?

  • The best ways are to
  • Drain the out the water
  • Replace the coupling
  • Ensure the coupling will stop any leaks
  • Spread adhesive on a patch of PVC
  • Place the patch onto the pipe.

What are some common health and safety issues?

  • Exposure to combustible materials such as lead, mold, and sulfur dioxide.
  • Lifting heavy objects that are awkward to carry.
  • Working in awkward positions.

What skills should an excellent plumber have?

An excellent plumber should be good at critical-thinking, listening, decision-making, coordinating, technical knowledge, and problem solving.