Hot water has many uses in the house, including showering and washing utensils. Most homes and apartment buildings feature boilers that help supply hot water. Due to regular use, boilers will likely break down, especially if the owner doesn’t schedule regular maintenance. At Vigilante Plumbing, we offer boiler service and repair in Brooklyn.

Boilers are arguably one of the best investments you can install in your home. When properly installed, they can serve you for up to 30 years. The best part is that boilers have very few mechanical moving parts hence less wear due to operation. Fewer moving parts also means fewer repairs and easy maintenance, making them a worthy investment.

Our longstanding commitment to providing New Yorkers with reliable boiler repair services in Brooklyn has made us a household name. Below are some boiler repair services offered to clients in Brooklyn and the surrounding boroughs.

1. Broken Circulator Pump

Boilers are designed to work for decades without major repairs. However, a broken circulator pump is one of the top repairs our team has had to handle. If you notice your house is not getting warmer, even after turning up the boiler, this could be a problem. This means the baseboard heaters and radiators are not releasing heat despite the gas jets being on.

A circulator pump sends heated water around the house and terminal points. If the pump is damaged, you will be unable to heat your house or access heated water at some points. Repairing the circulator pump is a simple task and can be done within the shortest time with a professional boiler repair service.

2. Tank Flushing

New York water is known to be rich in mineral salts, which are likely to cause a build-up. Without a purifier and filter, the lime scale and sediments may settle at the bottom of the boiler and on the walls. Over time, this build-up will lower the boiler’s ability to heat water. Our team is well trained to handle such problems and will help flush the boiler system, remove the sediment and pump fresh water to fix the problem.

3. Stopping Leaks

Boiler systems are watertight to prevent heat loss and ensure boiler efficiency. This move is also used to prevent oxygen from entering the system, causing oxidation and, in turn leading to corrosion. When you notice any leakage, you should schedule an appointment with your boiler repair company. Being one of the best boiler service and repair in Brooklyn company, we are prepared to seal the leakage and put in place measures to prevent future leaks.

4. Replacing Corroded Parts

Boiler systems are designed to withstand rust or any other form of corrosion. However, like any other machine, it becomes vulnerable to rust after some time, interfering with the efficiency and integrity of the boiler. A serious case of rust means the entire system needs to be removed and a new one installed.

However, if the corrosion is limited to a few sections, then our team at Vigilante Plumbing boiler repair services Brooklyn will replace them.

5. Replacing a Burnt-Out Heating Element

In the last decade, the industry has witnessed an increase in migration toward electric boilers to ensure sustainability. These boilers have heating elements in the tank that work together to warm water. If any of the elements fail, the boiler s likely to lose its efficiency lowering the heat produced. Our technicians are equipped to replace the burnt-out heating element.

Our experts offer the best boiler service and repair in Brooklyn. We also offer our clients an affordable package to help them get their boiler back on track. Contact Vigilante Plumbing for more information about boiler service and repair in Brooklyn.