Boilers make life so comfortable, with the hot and warm water we all enjoy. When the boiler stops working, your quality of life suffers without access to it for cooking, cleaning, washing, and bathing.

New York and New Jersey are in the top ten states where home repairs (such as boilers) occur most frequently.

We see different signs indicating that a boiler repair in Manhattan is necessary and what causes the most damage. Here are the signs of when you should call a professional to diagnose the problem and keep everything in good condition.

Noises from the Boiler

A common issue we see is your water heater making a kettle-like noise that sounds like a tea kettle brewing. A noise like this means you want to have a professional come out and look at the heat exchanger.

The heat exchanger is the intake valve that delivers the heat to the water, to maintain a constant temperature. Over time, the heat exchanger builds up deposits that make it work harder. The noise is the extra pressure on the exchanger to perform essential functions.

A continuous kettle noise signifies that the indicator is under increasing strain, and you need to have the boiler serviced.

We recommend calling our trained professionals to evaluate the state of your boiler and any issues.

Vigilante Plumbing stands behind the quality of our work, and we offer three to five-year warranties on all installations and repairs. We are your go-to experts on everything boilers and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

 The Pilot Lights Keeps Going Out

The boiler runs off a blue flame at the bottom that provides a continuous flow of heat for the water. If you notice that the flame keeps going out, this could be an issue with the thermocouple.

Situations like this require a professional who checks to see if the gas is flowing; and relight the boiler safely. If you wait, a gas leak could be developing, which is a health hazard to you and your family.

We recommend having one of our professionals look at your boiler and diagnose the issues.

Vigilante Plumbing will help you with our easy finance plans and discounts on plumbing work. We know the stress boiler issues create and can ease your concerns with our fast service. No one is more experienced or knowledgeable on boilers, and we will assist you with any problems.

The Thermostat Doesn’t Work

The thermostat will become old and worn out, as wires are shorting out and no longer running. Situations like this show that the thermostat requires repair or a replacement with a new one. You want to watch and ensure that the thermostat is heating the water to the setting.

If something is off, call us immediately, and we will take a look at what is happening. We do installations, repairs, and supply all of the necessary parts. No job is too big or small for us, and we will get your boiler running.

We are your premier service for boiler repair in Manhattan because of our pricing, knowledge, experience, and professionalism. We have served over 43 thousand households and will fix any issues with your boiler.


Leaks are common when the pressure valves, old parts, and aging seals cause the pipes to leak. If you see leaks around the boiler, call us immediately, as water can damage the area around the boiler and the internal components.  We will come out right away and provide you with the best service in the tri-state area.

For example, your boiler is leaking continuously, but you wait a few days to see what happens. The more the water leaks out and sits, the greater the health hazard to you and your family with mold. We recommend calling us as soon as possible in these situations to stop the issues and prevent any adverse health effects from the leaking water.

Leaks can become a serious issue, and you want to move fast to prevent things from becoming more costly and dangerous.

Vigilante Plumbing is the one place to go to for all of your plumbing, heating, drain cleaning, and HVAC needs. Our staff is trained in repairs and boiler installation in Manhattan to give you the best results.

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