What is backflow?

Backflow of foul water into your potable water supply or that of the state can lead to contamination that can be a serious health hazard. Backflow simply means that water flows in the reverse direction in the water supply system to your home. So, if water from your home flows into the pipeline of the public water supply, then a backflow has occurred.

How does it occur?

Backflow occurs if the pressure drops in the main water supply or if the water pressure at your home rises above that of the main water supply. This leads to foul water entering the main water supply and can potentially create a health hazard.

For example, you leave the garden hose on and unattended, while you are busy on your phone. A sort of vacuum is created within the hose, due to change in pressure, and pesticides from the garden enters the water supply

Preventing backflow

The plumbing system installed in your house needs to be checked to ensure that backflow doesn’t happen. Backflow prevention devices can be used to ensure that in case there is a backflow the foul water doesn’t enter the main water supply.

Professional plumbing services will be aware of the mandatory backflow prevention measures set by the state and can transform the plumbing system at your home to meet the requirements. They will check all connections to the main water supply and either advice installation of backflow prevention devices or take other adequate measures to ensure backflow doesn’t take place.