Energy bills can get expensive in Brooklyn neighborhoods due to the extreme climatic conditions and its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean.

Saving energy costs in summers

With a few simple tips, you can cool your homes using less energy and thereby reduce your costs. HVAC maintenance includes changing the filters and getting the systems serviced regularly to get more efficiency. You can also save costs by using blinds and drapes during the daytime which will help reduce temperatures indoors. Zone your house’s cooling system to cool specific areas of your home that are most frequently used. To further reduce your HVAC energy costs in summer, consider a renewable energy like solar energy to power your HVAC systems.

Saving energy cost in winters

Inadequate insulation, particularly in older Brooklyn homes can lead to a high cost, both in winters as well as summers. Try not to use blinds in winters, let the natural sunlight help increase the temperatures indoors. A programmable thermostat will save energy when you are not home. It is a good idea to service your heating system before the onset of winter. If you have an annual HVAC maintenance contract make sure it covers preventive maintenance not just for summers but for winters as well.

Use energy efficient HVAC systems

Most of us often underrate the value of using energy efficient HVAC system. This often leads to expensive HVAC maintenance costs as well as high energy bills. New models maybe expensive but come with durable components which offer high efficiency and thus high savings in the long run.