Why do ACs always fail at the hottest time of the year? Even minor malfunctions might have a significant influence on your money and comfort. You may avoid the need for emergency Brooklyn AC repair by taking a few steps before the warmest days arrive. Here are the top recommendations from a Carroll Gardens air conditioning service expert for preventing AC breakdowns.


Replace Your AC Filters

The most essential thing you could do to protect your Park slope AC is to replace the air filter regularly. Clean filters aid in the protection of essential components. Once the filters are clogged, your air conditioner must work significantly harder to draw in air, thus wearing out much faster. Overburdened units are more prone to breakdown when you require them the most. Keeping your filter clean can reduce your air conditioner’s energy consumption by up to 15%.


Check The Outdoor AC Condenser

For trouble-free operation, your AC system’s outside unit requires adequate ventilation. Prune down your plants to allow a minimum of two feet of space around the HVAC equipment. Clear the area of leaves, grass clippings, and other trash. Any dirt that builds within the casing might cause the unit to overwork. Filthy condenser coils can raise compressor energy usage by up to 30%.


Ensure Your Thermostat is Functioning

You should regularly look to see whether your thermostat’s batteries need to be updated. Your thermostat may be sensing the incorrect temperature, causing your air conditioner to operate inefficiently. During the day, keep your thermostat calibrated around 78 degrees. Raise it higher if you’re not at home. This ensures that your unit operates efficiently and does not work harder than necessary. By raising your thermostat setting, you will also cut costs on your summer energy expenses.


Look for Indications of Water Leakage

Scan the floor surrounding your air conditioner. Condensate drain pipes can become blocked and cause water leakages around the unit, causing it to fail. If you find any leaks, please call a Cobble Hill air conditioning repair expert so they may unclog the drain properly.


Insulate Your Attic and Roof

Insulating your Brooklyn property could cut your yearly energy expenses by up to 30%, as per the Energy Department. However, most homeowners insulate their ceilings and walls, but they rarely insulate their roof or attic. Leaving them out can result in considerable energy loss and raise your home’s temperature rapidly. Insulating your attic is one of the finest methods to guarantee that energy isn’t lost and that your Park slope AC isn’t overworked.


Schedule HVAC Maintenance

You would never consider taking a long road trip with a poorly maintained vehicle. The danger of a crash is simply too big. Likewise, failure to schedule Brooklyn AC service leads to future HVAC difficulties. Our Brooklyn AC repair services will help you prevent AC problems by ensuring your equipment is in optimal condition. We can frequently address possible concerns on the spot. Our Carroll Gardens air conditioning service programs assist in guaranteeing that your system receives the proactive attention it requires to get through the summer.


Are you looking for professional Cobble Hill air conditioning repair services? Contact Vigilante Plumbing, Heating, and A/C to remain comfortable this summer. We provide credible Brooklyn AC service, plumbing, and fire protection solutions.