If you have received a huge utility bill from your service provider owing to leaks in plumbing and are wondering how to fix them, here are some simple leak detection tips that will help you mitigate the problem.

Finding the spots

Check all the water connections in the kitchen, bathrooms, sprinklers in the garden area, sinks and laundry area – there could be a hidden leak somewhere. There could be leaks from your geysers, washing machines, dishwashers or air-conditioning units – examine the surrounding walls and floors for dampness or peeling paint. Rusting pipes or valves are also a dead giveaway of a leak in the connection.

Your meter won’t lie

If all these leak detection methods don’t work, there is one that won’t fail you – the meter reading. Close all the water connections and valves when you won’t be home and note the meter reading. Later, check the reading back to see if there is an increase – if so, then, there are leaks. It is then time to bring a professional plumber from your Brooklyn neighborhood to stem the leak.

Frozen pipes in winter

There is a danger of pipes freezing owing to the cold conditions in Brooklyn and other localities of New York region. Pipes can burst and flood your living space, so make sure to cover faucets with insulation pack that can be bought in any home store. Also, a good step would be to shut off water connections to the outside of the house.