A garbage disposal is one of the most useful parts of modern-day life. It helps us clean up our messes much faster than ever before, but it also can create problems for homeowners at times when the unit malfunctions, breaks down, or even stop working altogether.  

The following are four typical garbage disposal issues in New York and possible remedies that you should consider. 

1. The Unit Runs But Doesn’t Work Properly 

When your garbage disposal runs properly, it will not stop unless something has gone wrong. This can be due to its motor being too old, dirty, corroded, rusted, or damaged in other ways, or if you have overloaded it by putting way more solid waste in than it was designed for.  

Your best course of action will be to start over if this happens. By starting over, we mean removing all the solids from the sink drain, then cleaning the sink opening thoroughly, including inside the cabinet around the sink, and then installing a new unit.  

This is because every time you use your existing garbage disposal, you re-contaminate the entire system. You can consider hiring professional Plumbers in Brooklyn to help you with this remedy.  

2. Your Disposal Has Stopped Running 

Garbage disposals are typically made out of metal, which means they get hot when running. They heat up because you have loaded them full of food scraps and other types of waste, and they work by turning everything into a liquid that floats towards the top of the sink. 

When they reach the top of the sink, gravity takes over and pushes everything towards the outlet pipe, where a large hose attached to the wall comes into play. The large hose allows you to direct the flow from the sink into the outside garbage container. 

If your garbage disposal stops working while it is still hot, you need to turn it off immediately until it becomes cool enough to handle. Then turn it back on to finish cleaning out the debris. Once this is done, let it run for a few minutes until cold before you put it back in operation. This trick will ensure the Unit works properly again. 

3. Your Garbage Disposal Breaks Down 

If your garbage disposal does not last as long as you would like, several things could cause this problem. For example, if the main part of your garbage unit gets stuck in place or starts leaking fluid, corrosion is usually caused within the Unit. 

This might require replacing the garbage disposal entirely. Another possibility is an intermittent circuit breaker or fuse. These fuses help protect your home’s electrical wiring from overheating or short-circuiting.  

4. Your Garbage Disposes Makes Too Much Noise 

Typically, most people think that garbage disposals don’t make any noise. Well, the truth is – they do make some noise. However, they are so quiet that if you are standing right next to them, it won’t matter.

To get rid of these noises, you have two options: get yourself another garbage disposal unit or buy yourself a rubber glove and wrap it around your hand, just above the wrist. Be sure to contact professional plumbers in New York to help you inspect and fix your garbage disposal.

When it comes to fixing anything in the kitchen, one of the essential items to keep in mind is your garbage disposal. It is vital to maintain sanitation standards throughout your home, and having a suitable functioning garbage disposal is one way to ensure that. For information on garbage disposal in Brooklyn, don’t hesitate to contact us today.