If your Manhattan house is constructed on a concrete foundation, slab leaks are not a very uncommon occurrence. Water pipes are usually placed under the foundation in such houses, and these pipes are responsible for the movement of water into the house and outside it. Detecting leaks in underground pipes is a very difficult task. In most cases, people realize that there’s a slab leak only after ample damage has been caused.

Calling our Manhattan Plumbers for Regular Checks

Since detecting slab leaks is so difficult, the best way to ensure that they’re in optimal condition at all times is to ensure regular checks. Our plumbers have years of experience that makes them naturally good at their job. They will notify you if there are any damages to your water pipes and also advise you on the measures to take.

How our Manhattan Plumbers can Effectively Solve your Problems

Not only can our plumbers detect problems with your water pipes, but they can also deal with mold growth and moisture to make sure that they don’t cause your pipes any trouble. Underground pipes cannot be dealt with by the average Joe and it is important that you hire a professional plumber to handle the task.

Identifying if your pipes are leaking with the help of our Manhattan Plumber

Since water pipes run underground, slab leaks are hard to detect. Even the smallest of holes in the line can significantly reduce water pressure and result in wastage. You can check your water bills pertaining to the past few months and look for considerable increases to see if water has been wasted without your knowledge. Our Manhattan plumbers can give you a host of ways in which to check for slab leaks.