Plumbing is necessary for making sure you have the water you require for the most basic daily activities to include cooking, washing, bathing, and drinking. Any issues with your plumbing can cause higher water bills, property damage, and adds to your stress levels. 

A survey by Consumer Affairs found that plumbing systems are the most common problem, and New York is number six with these challenges. 

The best approach for addressing any issues with your plumbing means knowing the most frequent repairs. Here are some of those repairs that we see the most as plumbing professionals throughout the five boroughs. 


Leaks are one of the most common plumbing repairs in Queens, as the water passes through the pipes to reach the faucets, toilets, and appliances. Typically, the water starts leaking at critical points that link the pipes together, such as the joints, soldering, and welds. 

You might not realize there is a leak until the problem worsens and you see water accumulating in a specific area. 

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, leaks account for 10 thousand gallons of water wasted every year. Fixing the problem early is critical in keeping your bills under control, preventing waste, and collateral damage from the water (such as mold). 

Leaks usually occur when the pipes freeze, the plastic tube deteriorates, or the joints fail. 

If you suspect a leak, the best approach is to call in a professional to assess the situation and make the necessary repairs. 

Vigilante Plumbing can help address your leaks, as we bill by the job, and are available 24 hours. Since 1927, we have been helping our customers to address their plumbing issues and can do the same for you. 


A fixture attaches to a series of pipes carrying water to the toilet, sink, shower, tub, or faucet. When you have a malfunction, you will see a loss in water pressure from the fixture, creating a leak in these areas, such as dripping faucets or faulty toilets. 

Typically, a dripping faucet is from a worn-out cartridge or washer and is easy to repair. However, toilets will malfunction from a worn-out flap or float valves that can be replaced quickly. 

A professional plumber can evaluate all of the fixtures to ensure you don’t lose water pressure and everything runs smoothly. You can do some of the easier repairs yourself if you have experience, but if you have no expertise in plumbing, we recommend having someone trained to address these challenges. 

Vigilante Plumbing services all plumbing repairs in Queens to include simple fixes, replacements, and new installations. We have the experience, knowledge, and professionalism to handle your plumbing needs. 


Clogs occur when you have a slow drain or one that does not remove water from the sink, shower, or toilet. The water backs up and begins to overflow onto the area around where you have a clog. 

You have different options for clearing clogs from the drains, and each one depends on how severe the water is backing up. A small stoppage can be taken care of using a closet auger, which is a long and flexible device with a hand crank that goes into the drain. Around three feet long, the auger can clear most simple clogs. 

Sometimes, the clog is much deeper in the drainage pipe, and an electric snake is used. The snake is a long and flexible cable made of steel, which is powered by an electric motor and feeds into the sewer pipe. The obstruction interacts with the snake and shreds the blockage away so the water can run normally. 

When you notice a slow-moving drain or a clog, the best approach is to call a professional and have them evaluate the situation. 

Vigilante Plumbing knows how to clear clogs using the closet auger, video cameras, high-speed jets, and electric snake. No job is too big or small, and we are available 24 hours to deal with your emergency plumbing repairs in Queens

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These are some of the most frequent plumbing repairs in Queens and surrounding areas that require a knowledgeable professional. 

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