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When the temperatures are cold and your heater goes out, nothing is more important that finding a reliable repair person to come help you solve your problem. That’s what happened with some of our customers in Brooklyn whose heater had stopped working. They had no idea what had happened and called Vigilante for some help. After quickly responding to their call, our heating technicians discovered that the pilot light had gone out and wasn’t able to relight because it was clogged with dirt, soot, and grime. After thoroughly cleaning the pilot light and relighting it, the boiler began running and producing warm air once again.

You can DIY but…

vigilante-060TruckWindowCleaning a pilot light, lighting it and adjusting the flame are not hard to do. If you are careful with how to do each step you should have no problem. However, if the problem is NOT the pilot light, you may have taken on a bit too much.

It’s time to call a pro when…

When your system is down and not able to run. If you don’t have heat and you need it, it’s not time to mess around with solutions when you’re not sure of the problems. Having a professional heating technician handle your problems not only takes a lot of worry off your shoulders, but it saves you money and fretting in the long run.

Also, having a pro in your Brooklyn home for heating repair is a great opportunity to have this same pro take a good overall look at your system in general. A professional can noticed anomalies long before an amateur so it’s a great idea to have him or her do some troubleshooting.

Need Your Heating System Repaired in Brooklyn, Call Vigilante

If your Brooklyn home heating system is no longer working well and you think you need heating repair, give Vigilante a call. We’ll be there in a jiffy to see how we can help your home get warm again.

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