If the existing drainage system in your Long Island home needs repairs, or if you’re installing a new one in its place, your first step should include informing the local BCD (Building Control Department).  It is essential to present detailed strategies regarding the work you intend on doing, since it has to be inspected to ensure compliance with the local building regulations.  If you’re only having smaller, damaged sections of piping replaced, you may not have to inform the authorities.  Either way, it’s better to notify them, just to be on the safe side.

Call our Long Island Plumbing Contractor to Check your Drainage System

Drainage systems are filled with water and dirt from the kitchen, bathrooms, car wash areas, utility rooms, etc.  Sometimes, waste materials can accumulate and clog these pipes, thereby causing concern.  Our plumbing professionals are experienced and trained to check for issues with your drainage system, and to treat them effectively.

Why you must Call Our Long Island Plumbers for Installing New Pipes

As much as you would love to DIY, installing new pipes in your drainage system is a very serious task that requires experience and expertise to complete. If an inexperienced individual is out to try his/her hand at installing pipes, there is always a chance that things could go wrong, thereby causing future problems.  If you want true, quality work, it’s always better to call a professional.

Our Long Island Plumbers Deliver Quality Service for Affordable Prices

The best thing about hiring our Long Island plumbing contractors is that they will guarantee optimal functionality of your drainage system once they have installed new pipes in your home. Moreover, you will also receive a guarantee on their service, meaning you no longer have to worry about faulty or leaky pipes.  Professionally-done work leads to better quality performance, and that means peace of mind for you!