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Emergency Plumbing Services in Brooklyn NY

Vigilante Plumbing Offers Emergency Service in Brooklyn

Expert drain service in BrooklynFor over 80 years, we have been helping Brooklyn homeowners with their everyday plumbing needs. Sometimes a homeowner has a specialty situation or an emergency situation such as this experience recently shared by one of our customers:

“This week started pretty rough for us. We woke up on Monday morning to find a huge puddle of water in the middle of the living room floor. As it turned out, the main water pipe coming into our Brooklyn home had burst. The first thing we did was call Vigilante Plumbing. They said they could send a team out to our home in just under an hour.”

“Once the Vigilante Brooklyn Plumbing team arrived, they immediately turned off the main water supply. After a quick inspection, it was discovered that there was a burst in the wall and that the entire water supply line running from the meter to the hot water heater would need to be replaced. We were quite afraid that this was turning into a huge ordeal and it was not something we were equipped to deal with. Luckily, Vigilante Plumbing explained what needed to be done and even though it was long and quite a tedious job, everything went well. They dug a new trench and cut out part of the wall to make room for the new copper tubing. “

When You Need a Plumber Fast, Call Vigilante

“If we need a good plumbing service in Brooklyn in the future, we will certainly call Vigilante Plumbing again to help out. The team at Vigilante Plumbing was very professional and they did a great job on what seemed to be a huge project for us. In the end it didn’t cost nearly as much as we thought it would and we were able to get the problem taken care of quickly without adding too much more stress to our life.”

“If you are in need of plumbing services in Brooklyn then we would certainly recommend the team at Vigilante Plumbing. If you give them a call they will certainly help you with your plumbing problems just as they did with us.”

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