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Clearing Drain Clogs and Blockages around Brooklyn NY

Effective Solutions to Clearing Drain Clogs and Blockages

drain_cleaningDrain maintenance and cleaning is of the utmost importance for homeowners. A little clog can become a big problem in no time. Therefore, it is important to deal with drain clogs on emergency basis and to also maintain drains through regular cleaning services. For Brooklyn Drain Cleaning, local residents can call Vigilante Plumbing and Heating.

Causes of drain clogs

Drains can get clogged for many reasons. Kitchen drains can become blocked due to food particles, greasy food down the pipes and debris of any kind. The layers of fats from food particles can cover the pipe over a period of time and constrict the water flow. Hair is the major reason for blocks in the bathroom drains. Hair is thin, but in time it can collect and cause major blockages in drains. Tree roots can damage the entire sewer system if not checked and dealt with in time. Roots can enter pipes through smallest of leaks and continue to grow in the moist environment. It is mostly a problem in old buildings, but roots can grow and spread distances in search of water and can clog pipes in new constructions as well.

Drain can be unclogged using specialized methods and tools depending on the problem at hand. We serviced a house in Brooklyn where the shower drains were blocked. Upon examination we found hair to be the problem. Using a drain snake and other tools, our plumbers unclogged the drain in no time.

Brooklyn drain cleaning services from Vigilante Plumbing

Residents of Brooklyn can call Vigilante Plumbing and Heating for drain cleaning and other plumbing services. Our plumbers are trained and experienced to clean all drains with effective solutions. We have been servicing the Brooklyn area with our plumbing services for the last 80 years. For the best in Brooklyn plumbing services, call us now for drain cleaning and other services.