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Causes of Air Conditioning Repair in Brooklyn NY

Reasons For Air Conditioning Repair in Brooklyn NY

Keep Cool in the Summer with an AC Repair in Brooklyn

Freon leaks can be a cause for a Brooklyn air conditioning unit not blowing cold air. Our air conditioning repair team knows what it takes to locate and fix these leaks. Our technicians have the experience, skills, and patience necessary to complete even the most challenging of assignments. Leaks are located by electronic sniffers, soap bubbles, or ultrasound technology. Evaporator and condenser coils, valve cores, and copper line sets are replaced if needed. Repairs are always done as quickly as possible with maximum savings kept in mind. Finding and repairing a leak can be a tedious task and costs can rise quickly. We make sure our customers are always given the best price possible.

Brooklyn Air Conditioning RepairsRecently a Brooklyn homeowner called on our air conditioning repair team and told us that their unit wasn’t blowing cold air. We went to the home and inspected the system. A small leak was found and easily repaired. The system’s Freon was a little low, so our technician leveled it off. The job was completed and the customer’s air conditioning system blew cold air once again. Our technician ensured the customer that he would return to the home again and add Freon if it was needed. He offered to return once a year and inspect the system to ensure excess Freon wasn’t being lost.


If You Need AC Repair in Brooklyn, Call Vigilante Today

If you have a Freon leak, live in the Brooklyn area, and are in need of assistance, we will gladly help. Our air conditioning repair team is always available and eager to help. We want to make sure all of our customers are kept cool during the summer months by properly functioning air conditioning systems. Should you be in need of assistance, please call today. Your experience can be as good as the one described above.

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