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Do You Need a Plumber for toilet Repairs in Brooklyn?

Plumber_RepairRunning toilets are a common plumbing problem. Our plumbing repairs department receives numerous calls from Brooklyn residents who complain of running toilets or toilets flushing themselves. Often times, this problem is caused by a toilet flapper gone bad.

The toilet flapper sits on top of the drain hole and acts as a plug. It holds water until the toilet is flushed. It can go bad for multiple reasons, the first of which is simply by being exposed to air and water. A toilet flapper loses life the second it is opened from its packaging. It might take years, but eventually it will always need to be replaced. Exposure to hot water also decreases the life of a toilet flapper. Flappers are made out of rubber that will crack and deteriorate faster when exposed to heat. Tank cleaners can also cause a toilet flapper to wear. The powerfully concentrated mixture in these cleaners eats away at flappers until they no longer function properly.

Should you live in Brooklyn or a surrounding area and have a problem with your toilet flapper, please contact Vigilante. Our plumbing repairs department will quickly send a certified and insured plumber to your home to take care of the problem. Our plumber will stop water supply to the toilet, flush the tank, and remove the flapper. A new flapper will be matched to the old one and put on.

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We’re always eager and available to help Brooklyn residents solve any and all problem problems. We provide prompt, professional service that consistently gets the job done. Our experienced and skilled plumbers can easily complete flapper replacement and many other plumbing repairs. Please call today and let us know what type of problems you’re having and we will surely be able to help.

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