Hot Water Not Coming Out of The Shower?

Hot water is essential for our daily lives as it helps us stay warm during the winter months. However, sometimes warm water does not come from the showerhead. There are several reasons why this might happen. We have compiled several reasons why your showerhead might not be giving out warm water.

1. Thermostat Issue

The first reason you may not get warm water when taking a shower is that your thermostat is off. Ensure that the temperature level on your thermostat matches the hot and cold water coming into your house.

However, if the thermostat is set to warm, the steamers (the heating element) will only work when there is heat in the room. This means that warm water won’t flow through your showerhead and thus cannot be used for bathing purposes.

2. Water Heater Is Disconnected

Another reason your water isn’t turning hot could be because the water heater has been turned off. When you hear the sound of running water but no warm water flowing to the taps in your bathroom, check whether your water heater is turned on or off. Also, check whether any parts inside the tank are loose or missing.

3. Old Water Heater

A third possible cause of the lack of warm water is simply because your current water heater is getting old. With age, they tend to lose their ability to hold enough pressure. This eventually results in the inability of the faucet to distribute warm water to every part of your home.

If your current water heater is old, the chances are that it needs replacement. Check whether it can handle the required amount of pressure to meet your household’s needs. You should also note that an older model doesn’t mean faulty.

4. Multiple Appliances Running Simultaneously

If you notice that you have multiple appliances that run on warm water simultaneously, make sure that all of them are correctly connected to your warm water line. This way, each appliance gets an equal supply of cold water and warm water. Therefore, the water will remain at the desired temperature throughout the home.

5. Dirty Tap and Spout

Sometimes, people forget to clean their fixtures after use. After being put away, taps and showers become clogged by debris. When this happens, the system loses its ability to keep water at a constant temperature.

It means that your tappings and spouts need cleaning before you start having problems with the water dispensing, hot or cold. Remember to contact your local plumber to help with your plumbing issues.

If you find yourself facing plumbing issues, then it is best to consult an experienced plumber. They have seen most of these situations before and know exactly how to rectify them. For more details about the plumbing system, be sure to contact us today.