Immediate activation of sprinkler heads

Fire sprinkler systems are essential tools when it comes to dousing fires, helping in saving lives and preventing damage to both life and property in offices, schools, factories and such public places. Today, sprinkler systems have become a common feature in many Brooklyn homes. The sprinkler heads turn on automatically in case there is a fire. The sprinkler head located closest to the fire starts spray water at the fire, and most of fires are put out with just one sprinkler, as they are very effective.

Small size

Fire sprinkler systems for residential settings are much smaller in size when compared to commercial sprinklers. You can install them into your ceiling with relative ease. You can also choose from a variety of options, and some of them can also be concealed by pendants or ceiling plates, ensuring that they will not damage the beauty of your home. 

Immediate rescue from fire

Unlike smoke alarms, which only alert the homeowner in case there’s a fire, sprinkler systems actually extinguish the fire, thus reducing the extent of damage to property and increasing safety.

Low cost options

Fire sprinkler systems are very affordable. Depending on the location of your home and the water pressure, added fees will not exceed 1 to 2.75 per cent of the total purchase and installation costs.

Water Savings

Studies suggest that firefighters use around 3000 gallons on average to put out a fire in a residential setting. Fire sprinklers, on the other hand, use only around 340 gallons, making them a better option as it uses much lesser water.