Like all electronic appliances, air conditioning systems need tender love and care to work at maximum efficiency. However, most of us forget to keep our AC system clean, which causes a lack of efficient performance. We asked several AC repair companies and consumers to identify the most common problems with an AC system. They came up with 5 problems for troubleshooting. These AC problems are pretty common and have an easy fix, so stay with us till the end to find out how to troubleshoot the most common AC problems. However, if you run into a more serious problem, you should contact Emergency Air Conditioning Repair Brooklyn

5 Common AC Problems You Can Troubleshoot

You don’t need to lose your cool if your AC is on a break because we solve most common AC problems. Problem number 2 is the most common AC issue that most American’s miss on and end up paying a hefty repair bill. 

Problem No. 1: AC Not Turning On

You are all set to slip into your PJs and call it a day. You turn on the AC without noticing, and you lay on your bed. After a while, you notice that the AC isn’t on. You press the power button several times, but your AC still won’t start. It’s a frustrating situation, but it has an easy fix. 


Sometimes, your AC won’t turn on because your circuit breaker tripped. Don’t perform any stunts with the electrical wiring of your house. You might blow your central fuse or electrocute yourself. Call emergency Air conditioning repair in Brooklyn for help. 

Problem Number 2: AC Blowing Hot Air 

Sometimes your AC will blow hot air not because it hates you but because its filters are choked. Filters get choked because you haven’t cleaned your AC in a while. Calling an emergency repairman for this task isn’t the best approach when you can do it yourself. 


Open the front of your AC and remove the filters. Grab a toothbrush and start rubbing the parts beneath the AC filter you just removed. Have another person clean the air filters. Don’t add water to the air filters until you have removed all the dust bunnies. Pour cold water on the filter and let the filters soak. In the meantime, keep rubbing a toothbrush soaked in water on the grills beneath the AC filter. Once filters are dried, put everything back together, and your AC should work fine. 

Problem 3: Strange Smell Coming From the AC 

Sometimes your AC will smell weird. If you have a wall-mounted AC, you’ll probably run into this problem during winter. When you switch your AC to heater mode, it releases an obnoxious smell. There is nothing to worry about here. But if your AC has a weird smell when it is on cooling mode, it might be because the filters are clogged. 


Clean the AC and this time, brush the internals of your AC inner with a few drops of vinegar. The vinegar will remove all the stains and dirt collected inside, and your AC will give clean and fresh air. Sometimes, the air filter is damaged beyond cleaning. So you’ll need to contact your local AC repair service. 

Problem 4: Your AC is Hissing 

When you hear weird sounds coming from your AC, you should immediately turn it off. It means that your AC is leaking gas. Airconditioning gas is flammable and toxic. Get it fixed by a repairman quickly before it causes more problems.

Problem 5: Your AC isn’t Cooling Your Room 

When your AC isn’t cooling your room, there are two reasons. The first is because your AC is too small for your room and you need to buy a new one. Fortunately, the second reason is a cheaper alternative. If you’re running your AC at the lowest temperature but it’s not cooling your room, it means your AC is out of gas. 


You can’t do much about it on your own. Therefore, it’s best to call your local AC repair service for help. They’ll open the compressor and refill your AC’s gas. This problem arises once every year, so the best way to minimize this issue is to call your repairman before summer. Get your AC checked and filled with gas. This way, you won’t be troubled during summer. 

Ending Note 

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