Carbon Monoxide Safety Tips

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Carbon monoxide is nicknamed the silent killer as it is a colorless, odorless and invisible gas. It is a greenhouse gas that is formed when fuels like wood, methane, propane, gasoline, oil, coal and natural gas are not burned completely.

How to keep away  carbon monoxide

You can take the following steps  to protect yourself or your near and dear ones from the gas: 

  • Carbon monoxide specific alarms can be installed in a strategic location near the sleeping areas and also at other important locations. In an ideal situation, the carbon monoxide alarms should be fixed at different parts of your  home.
  • Follow the manufacturer instructions when it comes to smoke detector install and the mounting height.
  •  Select a smoke detector which carries the label of a standardized testing laboratory in Brooklyn or any other recognized authority.
  •  After the smoke detector install, test the equipment at least once every month. If it is found defective, replace the unit with a new one.
  •  If the alarm is not audible, replace the old batteries with fresh ones
  •  In case of a carbon monoxide alarm, move quickly to a new location where there is fresh air. Stay there until the emergency personnel arrives.

Symptoms related to carbon monoxide poisoning

Since carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless, the person exposed to it will not know. The primary symptoms include headache, nausea and fatigue.


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What is a BBB Accredited Business?

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The internet serves as a huge platform for businesses to capture potential consumers. There are more than a billion people with access to the internet, which includes more than 225 million, or over 2/3 of Canadian and American citizens. The retail industry is growing tremendously under e-commerce. The U.S Department of Commerce understands that the rate at which online retail sales are made is growing at three times the rate of retail sales made offline, and on a consistent basis. Since the internet is now the one-stop shop for so many customers, people who shop online require assurance from a reliable source about the authenticity of the business.

BBB or Better Business Bureau is trusted and known. The business seals accredited by BBB to verify the credentials of a business are clicked on more than a million times each month by people who wish to check if a particular business is reliable. A BBB Accredited seal is a blessing for businesses as even the people who don’t shop online visit the web to gather information about making purchasing decisions. By attaining BBB accreditation, you can make your site look unique and enhance the confidence and trust of potential consumers.

A BBB accredited business will also be listed in the Bureau’s ‘Safe Shopping Mall’, which provides a quick and handy source for people who’re looking out for trustworthy businesses. A business that meets the BBB Accreditation standards will also benefit in their efforts to protect the business and their customers as the Bureau will work with the business in resolving any customer complaints and disputes.

The BBB seal is supported by the credibility, standards and high profile of the Bureau, which brings its near-100 year old reputation to facilitate marketplace trust on the web. Vigilante Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning offers its BBB Accredited services in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. Call today to find out more and service your home or business with a quality, trusted service provider, Vigilante Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning.


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What do You do When There’s a Gas Leak?

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You can detect a gas leak by its smell: or maybe not, if it’s a gas like carbon monoxide.  For safety reasons and precautions, make sure you pick up a gas detector for your home in Brooklyn. Everybody should have one of these in his or her home. If you rent, it is mandatory for your landlord to have a full installed smoke detector.

But if you think there’s a gas leak in your home at that current point in time, or there is the slightest suspicion of one, don’t waste time going to the hardware store to make sure. The first thing to do is to get everybody out of the house. Don’t use any electrical devices while you’re getting out. Breathing in the carbon monoxide gas can kill you and the members of your family. Using any electrical device might ignite the gas and explode.

After you get everybody out, call 911 for help. If you or any other of your family members have been poisoned, call Poison control at 212-340-4494. After you’ve alerted emergency services, call the gas company and they can take it from there.

Hopefully it will be a false alarm, but whether or not it is, be sure you’re better prepared for the next potential event. Get those gas detectors and put them in your house! You’ll be glad you did if a serious emergency does occur.


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