How to Prepare your Heating System for the Winter

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Heating system maintenance is of the utmost important before the harsh winter sets in and you need to use your heating system round the clock. Brooklyn residents can call Vigilante heating and cooling professionals for their heating system maintenance. Prepare your heating system for the winter by following some simple steps.

Check the filter

One of the best things you can do to prepare your heating system to run efficiently in the winter months is to check the filter of your heating system. Call in a professional to see if the filter needs to be cleaned or repaired or replaced. Clean filters use less energy and it means low energy consumption and hence lower power bills. Heating system maintenance means keeping the filter in top shape.

Check the vents

The vents of a heating system can have any number of problems such as clogs, spores and leaks. All of these mean that your heating system will not work properly; will consume lot of energy and run huge power bills and still won’t heat the house well. You can call a heating system maintenance professional to check for any problems and deal with them before the cold months.

Check the blower

Heating system maintenance means the blower is well-oiled and is ready for use without any problems. Closely examine the blower motor and belt and repair any part that seems out of order. Check the blower door for any leaks to ensure no carbon monoxide finds its way to your home.


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Furnace Inspection

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Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

With the increasing expenses in energy bills, emergency services and costlier heating devices, there are many steps you can take to keep your home warm without spending too much. One of the easiest ways to prepare for the winter in your Brooklyn home is to opt for a thorough furnace inspection. This will ensure that your home’s heating system is working in optimum condition and does not cause any failures during harsh winter nights.


Simple techniques you can apply

Apart from a furnace inspection, you can use many techniques to keep your home shielded from the biting cold. Ensure that you close all windows to prevent cold air from coming in. sealing your windows will also help make your home warmer as the glass leads to greenhouse effect. You can use clear curtains over the windows to ensure that your home is getting adequate sunlight. Ensure that your house experiences minimum draft by sealing shut all doors and remove any obstructions from the windows to welcome maximum sunlight. If there are rooms in your home that are not currently being used, shut the doors to minimize air circulation.


Make your home more comfortable by laying down carpets and rugs to prevent heat loss. This will also help you maintain lower settings on your thermostat and help save on electricity bills. If your Brooklyn home has an attic or crawl space, ensure that you insulate it. Cooking inside the house can distribute warm steam and raise the temperature and lower the humidity. Dressing appropriately with warm sweaters and drinking hot beverages can also reduce your dependence on electrical heating appliances and keep your warm during the winter.


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Why to Have Your Furnaces and Heating Units Checked Regularly?

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Living in a place like Queens, Brooklyn, or Manhattan generally means long busy days. This can disrupt home renovation and reappraisals. Problems with your furnace or boiler can be hard to assess without much experience with appliances.  A problem may be small on the surface, but it could be an indicator of a much larger issue.

The weather in Brooklyn can be erratic to say the least. There may be problems in the furnace’s air duct or control board. You may not know the scope of the problem until it starts getting out of hand.  Most of the time, it will arise at the worst possible time, in the middle of night, during the winter. This can prove to be highly uncomfortable and even dangerous, as a family of five based in Brooklyn recently experienced.


Problem that the family in Brooklyn faced

The problem with their furnace was in the motor control board.  The motor couldn’t function properly due to a clogged air duct.  Once they reached the scene, our professionals took stock of the situation and identified the problem.  They found the blocked air duct and concluded that it was the reason behind the control board’s failure.  A thorough cleaning followed, and a technician repaired the faulty control board.

The whole repair service lasted for about three hours.  The family could have avoided such a situation if they had opted for regular checkups.  Ultimately, they ended up paying far more than what routine repairs would have cost them.

So, the next time you notice your furnace or heating unit not working properly, you should call a professional Brooklyn or Queens heating repair service immediately.  Regular checkups can help you avoid a bigger problem in the future.


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How Furnace Repair Services Can Help in Times of Need

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Furnaces are among the most important pieces of machinery in any house, especially if you’re living in the Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Queens region.  These places get cold conditions for most of the year, and therefore furnaces are required for all houses in the area.  Furnace functionality can suffer from a lot of different complications. Furnace systems can face problems like dirt and dust, damage from pests like rodents, power problems, or system breakdown. These problems can either stop the furnace from working or limit its performance.

The problems do not come with a timely warning. They can happen anytime, and most probably will, at the worst possible moment. Most of the times, people ignore the problem until it gets out of hand. They end up spending more than if they had opted to go for timely checkups and repairs. That’s what happened with a family in Brooklyn.

Furnace problem faced by a family in Brooklyn

A simple matter of dust accumulation at a furnace in a house at Brooklyn went out of control after almost a year of negligence.  The furnace stopped working in the middle of winter.  This was nothing short of a disaster, as there were two kids in the house, aside from the couple.  The breakdown occurred late in the evening.  The accumulated dirt, along with a nest of rats, had made the furnace dysfunctional.

So, Vigilante’s Brooklyn office got a distress call at 9 pm.  A couple of experienced heating repair technicians rushed to the spot.  They analyzed the whole situation and provided the family with a solution.  The problems were rectified in a couple of hours, and the furnace started working again.  If you too face similar heating problems in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Queens area, call Vigilante services for a fast and effective response.


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What is a Furnace Efficiency Rating?

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Furnaces are the most important devices during the winter months. Before you purchase a furnace in Brooklyn, you should be aware whether it is cost-efficient or not. This is precisely the reason why a furnace efficiency rating is provided for each furnace. Earlier, people did not have this option and would purchase furnaces based on other factors. But, today, you can purchase furnaces by considering their efficiency. Another good reason to purchase a furnace today is that there have been several advancements in furnace design technology that enhances the efficiency rating.

The furnace efficiency rating will inform you of how much heat will be provided with consumption of electricity. The furnace rating is also called annual fuel utilization efficiency or AFUE. The higher the efficiency rating, the more expensive the furnace will be. Most people do not purchase furnaces with higher ratings due to this reason. However, they fail to realize that they will be getting a superior product which will offer much better service than the cheaper furnaces.

Low cost furnaces in Brooklyn will mostly offer a low efficiency rating of 70%. This means that 30% of the energy consumed by a furnace goes to waste. This signifies a large wastage of electricity or gas as well as your money. Mid-level furnaces offer an efficiency rating of 80% and some of the best furnaces offer 95% efficiency.

Some of the most expensive furnaces that are available in Brooklyn run on electricity and offer 100% efficiency. The result will match the price of the instrument and will also save you a significant amount of money in repair and component replacements as they will be crafted with top-notch quality raw materials.

Give Brooklyn’s finest, Vigilante Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning for boiler repairs, boiler service, heating repair, heating service, and all furnace and heating related issues in Brooklyn, Manhattan or Queens!  We do it all; don’t hesitate to give us a quick call.


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5 Reasons for a Brooklyn Furnace Tune Up

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It is during the onset of winter that most people think about functionality of their furnaces. As it is not used during the rest of the year, it is important to go for a furnace tune up before using it. It is best to carry out a furnace tune up before winter as then the technicians will be busy and may not make it to your home for a couple of weeks. This could be a problem if you live in an area that experiences harsh winters.

Contact a technician from Brooklyn towards mid fall to ensure that your furnace will keep you warm during the coming months. Most people do not realize the importance of getting a furnace tune up every year. The following are the five important reasons to carry out a furnace tune up.

A furnace tune up will reveal whether there exists a crack or a break in the heat exchanger. This is especially important if you have a propane or gas furnace. If the crack goes unchecked, your home could be pumped with carbon monoxide which will result in poisoning and death. With a tune up, you can prevent cracks from occurring or stop it from developing further.

Fires can be avoided if the electrical equipment in your furnace is checked during a tune up. In Brooklyn, technicians will carry out a thorough check before they permit its usage.

The most expensive and important components of your furnace could be destroyed if there is a functioning problem in your reversing and compressor valve. This occurs most often when the heat pump of your furnace has a leak. Avoid this by contacting a Brooklyn technician before winter begins.

Although your furnace may be working in the beginning, technical problems could cause it to stop functioning just when winter gets really harsh. To avoid a complete break down of the furnace, go for a tune up.

In Brooklyn, when you call a technician to tune your furnace, you will be notified of problems, if any, at the earliest. This could actually save you large sums of money in repairs in the future.  Call Vigilante Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning regarding your Brooklyn home tune up.


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