Reduce Your HVAC Energy Costs

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Energy bills can get expensive in Brooklyn neighborhoods due to the extreme climatic conditions and its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean.

Saving energy costs in summers

With a few simple tips, you can cool your homes using less energy and thereby reduce your costs. HVAC maintenance includes changing the filters and getting the systems serviced regularly to get more efficiency. You can also save costs by using blinds and drapes during the daytime which will help reduce temperatures indoors. Zone your house’s cooling system to cool specific areas of your home that are most frequently used. To further reduce your HVAC energy costs in summer, consider a renewable energy like solar energy to power your HVAC systems.

Saving energy cost in winters

Inadequate insulation, particularly in older Brooklyn homes can lead to a high cost, both in winters as well as summers. Try not to use blinds in winters, let the natural sunlight help increase the temperatures indoors. A programmable thermostat will save energy when you are not home. It is a good idea to service your heating system before the onset of winter. If you have an annual HVAC maintenance contract make sure it covers preventive maintenance not just for summers but for winters as well.

Use energy efficient HVAC systems

Most of us often underrate the value of using energy efficient HVAC system. This often leads to expensive HVAC maintenance costs as well as high energy bills. New models maybe expensive but come with durable components which offer high efficiency and thus high savings in the long run.


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Rooftop Air Conditioner

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Why You Should Use a Rooftop Air Conditioner

When it comes to air conditioning units, we are all different people with different requirements. Although central air conditioners and wall units are commonly used in residential homes, rooftop units are also beginning to make a transition from commercial use to residential use. A rooftop AC install comes with a number of advantages that are ideal for both commercial users and homeowners.


Advantages of rooftop air conditioners in Brooklyn

Here are a few reasons why you should opt for a rooftop AC install for your Brooklyn home:

  • The main benefit of rooftop air conditioners is that they are available but invisible. Your rooftop is a location that can be easily accessed in case the unit requires servicing or repairs. In the mean time, the unit is neatly tucked away and this frees up space inside your home. For office buildings, stores, and restaurants, rooftop air conditioners provide the perfect balance between convenience and utility.
  • Rooftop units are designed to be more effective in cooling larger areas when compared to split system air conditioning. This helps keep your home or office building cool and comfortable without you having to compromise on your energy costs.
  • Rooftop air conditioners also have the ability to provide both heating and cooling. You don’t have to spend more money on buying, installing, and maintaining a heating unit. This means you get to streamline your energy costs and still improve the comfort of your home or office building.

Keeping your air conditioner on the roof is a great way to prevent physical damage. For instance, weed whackers and lawn mowers can damage the refrigerant lines of the unit. When you keep it on the rooftop, there are fewer chances of these types of damages.


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5 Ways to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

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Energy star rated air conditioning

Over the last few decades, air conditioners have grown from being an extravagance that few could afford to something that has become commonplace in our homes. It is something that many people cannot live without. The fact that comfort has become an essential part of our livelihood means that AC maintenance is a regular reality that we need to live with in order to extend the overall lifespan of one of our favorite appliances.

Energy bills are something that you need to consider when choosing an air conditioner. The energy star certification on air conditioners means that they are energy efficient. Additionally, these models need to ensure that it includes features that are demanded by the consumers.

Room size and air conditioning

Room size and air conditioning are directly proportionate. The bigger the room, the bigger capacity your air conditioner needs to be able to perform to. Whether you stay in Brooklyn or anywhere else in the world, having an AC unit that is too small for the room will lead to inadequate cooling. AC maintenance while being essential will not be able to help the effectiveness.

Maintaining the ideal temperature

Many new air conditioning units come with auto sensors that help maintain a certain temperature within a room. You can set this temperature with the help of the remote supplied along with the AC unit and ensure that you never feel too cold or too warm.

General maintenance before summer

The seasons affect all kinds of electronics in your house. Air conditioners are no exception. AC maintenance before the summer sets in includes cleaning and changing the air filter, cleaning the indoor coil, brushing and vacuuming the fan blades as well as enclosures. The drain line should also be cleaned to remove any debris that may have collected.

Conducting an energy audit

Conducting an energy audit will go a long way into helping you realize just how much your own home expends on energy. Consider natural ventilation wherever possible while also sealing any leaks you may see.


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How to Buy the Right Kind of Heat Pump

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Heat pumps are fast becoming a necessity in households across the world, simply because they are just so useful that houses which use them, swear by their efficiency and importance. This is because although they are called heat pumps, Brooklyn heat pumps provide both air conditioning and heating depending on your requirements. The fact that they act as a two in one device has made them indispensable to many families, who see buying one Brooklyn heat pump as a cost saving exercise, when compared to buying two different gadgets which will then pull double the amount of electricity.

Buy according to your needs, not peer pressure

If you too have woken up to the many advantages of having a Brooklyn heat pump in the house, then don’t just buy the first one you see. Instead, it helps a great deal if you do a market recce and ask your family and neighbors for advice who can then tell you about their brand of heat pump and how well it has served them, or not. This shall help you get a good starting point as it is always better to go in for something recommended or tested.

Next, you need to consider your requirements; such as do you want the heat pump for the whole house or just the garage? Do you want an environment friendly one? How much are you willing to spend on one? Once you have these modalities worked out, only then can you zero in on a reliable and affordable heat pump that serves you well in the long term. Buying any kind of Brooklyn heat pump in a hurry, may just prove self-defeating, therefore think carefully before you make a decision.



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Is Your Air Conditioner Inefficient?

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If your Brooklyn Central Air Conditioning system is more than 10 years old, it’s more than likely that it is inefficient and oversized. That means that you are spending lots of money for an AC system that is not really serving you. By upgrading it, you can improve your comfort, lower your energy bills, and reduce your environmental impact. So it’s a good idea to have your system inspected by professionals, and if warranted, overhauled.

Some questions you can ask yourself if your air conditioning system has become inefficient:

  • Does it make a lot of noise?
  • Do you notice that some of your rooms are better cooled than others?
  • Do you notice that your home is humid, even when the AC is running?

You might be able to fix these individual problems via repair. But that might cost you as much as replacing the units. And the newer equipment that we would install, is bound to be more energy efficient than the older models, saving you money on your energy bills.

Call the trained experts from Vigilante to come out to your Brooklyn home and evaluate your Central AC system! All of our electricians and heating and air conditioning techs are background checked, drug tested, and attend ongoing training.


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Get Your Air Conditioning System Tuned Up in Brooklyn

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Whether you have traditional Central Air with Ductwork, or the newer Ductless Mini-Split systems, you’ll need a tune-up from Vigilante Plumbing! Both systems have condensers and an indoor air handler as their primary components. These are complicated pieces of equipment, with moving parts. The outdoor condenser is particularly likely to get dirty and clogged. Central Air has ductwork that can also get dirty. These parts need to be cleaned periodically. And just like your automobile engine, corroded, faulty or failing parts need to be discovered, fixed, and/or replaced, before they prove to be a major headache.

A tune-up from our Brooklyn A/C technician will allow your system to run efficiently, with less waste of energy, and you make sure it will cool your Brooklyn home throughout the summer months. Put it off till July: and you face the prospect of waiting in a long line for service, and a bigger service bill, as the parts that might have been fixed ahead of time, now need to be replaced. Make sure you have a functioning, reliable air conditioner in your Brooklyn home this summer by calling Vigilante today!



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Brooklyn Air Conditioner Tip: A/C Tune Ups

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Vigilante has been in Brooklyn for three generations! And that means we are experts at surviving the heat in all five boroughs. Whether you live in Brooklyn or Manhattan, we all suffer through the ups and downs of New York City springs and summers. Don’t let the season get the best of you, and ask our master plumbers about how to stay cool this season.

One of the most common recommendations we give to our Brooklyn customers is simple: make sure you get A/C tune-ups! If your air conditioner is older, malfunctioning, or not running like it used to we can perform A/C repairs and replacements in Brooklyn and the other four boroughs. But the best way to avoid this and extend the life of your cooling system is to get regular tune-ups. This information is most important BEFORE spring and summer. Because you do not want to wait until the last minute to find out that your air conditioner is no longer working properly. The Brooklyn A/C technicians at Vigilante can perform thorough air conditioner tune-ups and ensure that your system is ready to take on the heat!

Since 1972 we have provided the residents of Brooklyn with the best air conditioner repairs and installations, as well as the most extensive A/C tune ups in town. Across all five boroughs we are well known for our commitment to superior plumbing, heating, and air conditioning services. And for over 80 years we have worked to make sure our customers have all the information and services they need to enjoy the scorching heat of summer in New York City. The benefits of proper A/C tune ups extend from avoiding the need for extensive repairs, to prolonging the life of your air conditioner. So call up our licensed technicians and schedule air conditioner maintenance today, we guarantee that you will not regret it!



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